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GOOD PRACTICE WORKSHOP Approaches to assess environmental RDP impacts in 2019

Tuesday, 13. November 2018
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12-13 December 2018; Bratislava, Slovakia


Tuesday, 28. August 2018
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Context indicators reflect relevant aspects of the general contextual trends in the economy, environment and society that are likely to have an influence on the implementation, achievements and performance of the CAP.


Guidelines - Assessing RDP achievements and impacts in 2019

Tuesday, 14. August 2018
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The European Evaluation Helpdesk for Rural Development:

These non-binding Guidelines aim to examine the challenges in relation to the evaluation activities for the AIR in 2019 by:

( ) Presenting practical approaches to estimate...

GOOD PRACTICE WORKSHOP "Approaches to assess socio-economic and sector related RDP impacts in 2019"

Thursday, 2. August 2018
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24.-25. Oktober 2018, Warschau

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